FRSC Salary Structure 2024 | How much is Federal Road Safety Corps Salary per month?

FRSC Salary Structure 2024 | How much is Federal Road Safety Corps Salary per month?

The Federal Road Safety Corps is a government agency that ensures the safety of road users and their main duty is to oversee the affairs of the federal road highways.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) unlike other government agencies has a different structure of how much they pay FRSC officers. This is why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to write a detailed article and enlighten the general public on the FRSC Ranks / Salary Structures for 2024.

Please note, the salary structures you will see here is constant to change, and might not be completely accurate but it will give you an edge on how much is being paid monthly to each Road Safety officers.

If you are eager to see the FRSC salary structures, then we urge you to keep on reading this article to the end, so you would not miss out on any important information.

FRSC Ranks Structure

This section will give you the current FRSC Ranks, so you will know the certain amount these levels earn. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has three rank structures namely; the junior Marshals, non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers. See more details below.

Junior Marshals:

  • Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III)
  • Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II)
  • Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I)
  • Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA)
  • Deputy Chief Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA)
  • Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA)

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs):

  • Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)
  • Marshal Inspector II (MI-II)
  • Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)
  • Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)
  • Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)

Commissioned Officers:

  • Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)
  • Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)
  • Chief Inspector (CI)
  • Assistant Corps Commander (ACC)
  • Deputy Corps Commander (DCC)
  • Assistant Corps Marshal (ACM)
  • Deputy Corps Marshal (DCM)
  • Corps Marshal (CM)

FRSC Salary Structure 2024

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC salary structure varies depending on rank or level of the officer in the agency. The lowest paid cadre, Road Marshal Assistant III, earns approximately ₦300,000 per month. In contrast, the highest ranking officer, the Corps Marshal, earns a salary between ₦1.9 million and ₦2.2 million per month.

The table below shows the FRSC salary structure for each ranks.

Rank Salary Range per month (Naira)
Corps Marshal 1,966,281 – 2,293,697
Deputy Corps Marshal 1,405,449 – 1,555,984
Assistant Corps Marshal 1,073,217 – 1,252,038
Deputy Corps Commander 473,071 – 551,620
Assistant Corps Commander 550,155 – 619,311
Chief Route Commander 349,589 – 429,055
Superintendent Route Commander 261,654 – 293,875
Route Commander 220,241 – 245,743
Assistant Route Commander 167,478 – 197,836
Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) 966,761
Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) 539,048
Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) 387,428
Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) 349,589
Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) 319,741
Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) 305,576
Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) 777,876
Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) 548,387
Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) 393,442
Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) 1,143,539
Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) 1,058,416
Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) 1,252,038
Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) 1,325,234
Chief Inspector (CI) 1,405,449

This is it for the FRSC salary structure for each ranks. Road Safety officers receive a keen salary structure, complemented by a benefits package that includes rent subsidies, leave allowances and transportation allowances.

If you have any question on FRSC salary structure 2024, let us know in the comment section below.


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